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“A daily multi formulated with women's health in mind. It provides the essential vitamins and minerals, and is a great source of plant-based (algal) omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.”

Dr. Dana Filatova

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“Athena Club's razor gives me the smoothest shave ever.”

“Best women's razors for sensitive skin. It bends to the curves of the body easily making for a silky shave that helps prevent razor burn.”

“The best shave of your life. It's curve-friendly, the blades have skin guards to prevent razor burn (!!!).”

“Gives me a blanket-smooth shave without cutting myself, it also has this cool water-activated serum that prevents against razor bumps.”

“Athena Club’s razor kit is your secret weapon!”

“This is the only razor I ever want to use in my life!”

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