Super Pink
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Extra Razor Handle
Extra Razor Handle

Extra Razor Handle

Sale price $5.00
Refresh your razor's handle or get an extra one for on the go.More details.
Color Super Pink


Durable Construction 💪 Ergonomic Design 🪒 Vibrant Colors 🌈

Our aluminum handle is built to last and coated with non-slip silicone to give you an easy smooth shave. Refresh your current handle with a new color or get an extra one to take with you on the go. *Razor Blade and Magnet are not included.

Pairs Well With
Razor Travel Case

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Our Razor Handle is ergonomically designed to feel comfortable in your hand and make shaving at any angle comfortable. It's made from anodized aluminum and has a fiberglass internal core to make it the most durable. It's also coated in non-slip silicone to give you an easy smooth shave.

We recommend using our Fluffy Shave Butter for extra cushioning and skin softening. However, thanks to our blades, which are enhanced with shea butter and a skin-soothing, water-activated serum, you can also use the razor with just water.